Friday, August 12, 2011

Next Feature: Interfacing coming soon

The project coordinator in our college approved our project to be continued in the final year. Initially the project guide was reluctant, but when we told her about the new features and cool stuff, she agreed. The project coordinator also took interest in Virtual 8085 and gave it a green flag, to be developed further in our final year.

So what are we guys going to do this year?
We have got some good ideas for Virtual 8085. Currently it does not support the full instruction of Intel 8085, so first and foremost thing we will do is to make sure that it supports all the instructions. The most exciting feature we are going to add is INTERFACING. Yes, you will be able to interface virtual devices to Virtual 8085.

Stay tuned! (Athough this may take time, we are still in design phase)

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