What is Virtual 8085?

Virtual 8085
For the sake of definitions, an Assembly Language is a language which is understood by its microprocessor. A microprocessor is a hardware device which executes the assembly language programs.

When we study the C language, we always have a compiler and a computer to practice our programs at home. In case of 8085 microprocessor and its assembly language it is totally different. If we write an 8085 assembly language program, we have to test it or run it on a microprocessor kit kept in our college labs. And for no reason one would want to purchase a costly microprocessor kit to study at home.

We faced this problem while studying 8085 (we are still studying it). Hence we created Virtual 8085 to overcome this problem.

Virtual 8085 is a tool which enables students to run programs written in 8085 assembly language on a personal computer instead of a microprocessor kit. Virtual 8085 do not actually simulate the real hardware of Intel 8085, but it interprets the 8085 assembly language programs. Also, Virtual 8085 updates the graphical user interface (GUI) after each instruction, so that students understand what each instruction performs. Virtual 8085 also provide real time help for the instruction which the programmer is currently typing. Another useful feature is syntax highlighting which enables better readability of program. Virtual 8085 do not need to take the program in form of op-codes, it understands mnemonics.

To conclude, Virtual 8085 is software which can be used to learn 8085 effectively and have fun learning it.

Our aim is to create software which would interpret the assembly language programs written for the Intel 8085 microprocessor and display the results in a Graphical User Interface. Virtual 8085 will support almost all 8085 instructions and will work very similar to the real Intel 8085.

Another part of Virtual 8085’s agenda is to make easier, the learning process of the 8085 assembly language. We achieve this by providing real time and intelligent help (something similar to the IntelliSense feature of  Visual Studio IDE).

One of our secondary objectives is to make Virtual 8085 free and open source forever. This will enable people to use it freely and other talented guys to develop it even further.

Following enlisted points are some of the useful features of Virtual 8085
  • Virtual 8085 will be graphical and users will see what is going on when an instruction executes.
  • No need to look up for Op-Codes (the Hex-Codes of our program which we input to the µP kit), Virtual 8085 understands Mnemonics!
  • While typing a program, the user will get the help based on the mnemonic of the instruction immediately.
  • Syntax Highlighting of the text of source code written by user.
  • Step by step execution model will also be provided.