Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project Introduction


Virtual 8085 is a small project which aims to provide students and teachers a software which would behave the same as Intel 8085 microprocessor. It means that you could run all your programs written in the 8085 assembly language on Virtual 8085. As the name suggests, Virtual 8085 simulates the real 8085 microprocessor IC. Plus Virtual 8085 will have IDE like features of providing help for specific instruction, a step by step execution environment, and loads of features. Thus it will lead to a comprehensive learning of the 8085 assembly language, which of course forms the basis of learning assembly language programming. Virtual 8085 is basically an interpreter which interprets programs written in the 8085 assembly language.

And the most exciting thing about the project is that, after it gets completed we will be publishing as a free and open source software.

This project is just in its concepts, the actual development has just begun. The language of development is VB.NET. We are a group of five people creating this software as a college mini project. Last Saturday, we gave an introductory presentation to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology (our college).

The main purpose of this blog is to make people aware about the development of our project, I guess our posts may help many people. I am embedding the slideshow of the presentation we gave last saturday,

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